Cheesy PotatoesEver since writing my first book, Not Your Mother’s Casseroles, I’ve been a little obsessed with breakfast casseroles. Egg bakes are just so crazy easy and convenient. I’ve been making up a big pan of eggy casserole every weekend for my husband and myself, then slicing off big squares for breakfast and lunch throughout the week. I use these casseroles to absorb the scraps and leftovers in my fridge: Bits of cheese clinging to its rind, the last scrapings of a jar of sun-dried tomatoes. I dig through my freezer and pull out bags of potatoes that are only slightly frostbitten. Together, they always meld together into something more than the sum of their parts, like this potato, cheese, and egg casserol — hearty and vegetarian.

Get the recipe at The Kitchn: Cheesy Potato Breakfast Casserole with Cheddar & Sun-Dried Tomatoes.