I owe Abbey a favor (Joanna too) for introducing me to the Poet’s Loft, a rental on Tomales Bay north of San Francisco. Every window there opens onto the bay, and you can hear the waves from every corner of the house.

Here are some of my favorite views. I feel very grateful to have spent a few days here. Why is the sound of the ocean so soothing?

The most dramatic - a wall of glass facing hills and water. We saw seals and once, a manta ray.

Looking into the bedroom.

The view from bed. Gray in the morning, pink at night. Blue all day long.

From the shower!

There was a window at floor-level in the downstairs bathroom looking right out on the waves. It was a little spooky, and dark under the house!

Books everywhere, running on long shelves above big squashy chairs next to windows.

Not a view, but had to point out the All-Clad pans. Good rental!

The view from the front door as we were leaving. All sea, sky, and comfy chairs.