Winter Salad

I believe in the creative space of the personal blog, I really do, Tumblr and Instagram and Twitter and all those noisy spaces notwithstanding. I’m old-fashioned like that. But you’d never know it; the password to this blog has been buried deep, and it took a radical moment of procrastination to dredge it up. Book-level procrastination.

Yes, I thought I’d take some time off after That Pudding Book but, as they say, something came up. Something like this radicchio, romaine, and fennel salad, with a sexy bit of farro peeking out. Something that requires a hustle of a deadline, weekend marathons of recipe development, and a co-author (for whom I am deeply grateful). More soon. The salad is only Exhibit A.

To distract myself from an all too-imminent deadline, here are a few things I’ve been eyeing, appreciating, and coveting lately.