My name is Faith Durand and I have been editing and writing on food professionally since 2006. I am the executive editor of The Kitchn, a food and cooking blog that draws over 7 million visitors each month.

Faith DurandI have been the full-time editor of The Kitchn since 2007, and in that time the site has grown from about 200,000 readers a month to over 7 million. The web is an amazing medium for home cooks and writers like myself, and The Kitchn is a labor of love, a place where the wonderful team I manage gets to talk every day about what matters most to us: good cooking, hospitality, and nourishment at home. Every day I write, edit, plan and manage many interesting aspects of growing a website. I also take many of my photographs and have had to become a jane-of-all-trades in food styling, photography, video, and video editing!

In addition to The Kitchn, I write the occasional magazine article and cookbook. My work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, New Haven Register, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, and The Columbus Dispatch, among many other regional papers. I have articles forthcoming in O Magazine, Vegetarian Times, and Reader’s Digest. My recipes and articles are syndicated in newspapers nationwide by the Tribune Media Services; I also contribute to several local food publications, including Columbus Crave and Capital Style.

My second cookbook, on the topic of puddings and stovetop desserts, will be published in May 2013 by Stewart, Tabori & Chang. I am also the author of Not Your Mother’s Casseroles (Harvard Common Press, 2011).

I am very happy to say that I live in the Midwest, in Columbus, Ohio, home of the Buckeyes, Jeni’s ice cream, splendid farmers’ markets, and charming old neighborhoods, with my husband Mike, a garden, and a fixer-upper house — all of which you can read about in due course on my blog.